Wagner, William Steinberg, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Command Classics CC 11012 SD, vinyl rip

William Steinberg, Pittsburgh Symphony, Wagner, Command 35mm
Track list: Selections ... Der Ring Des Nibelungen
A1 The Ride Of The Valkyries (From Die Walküre) 8:22
A2 Magic Fire Music (From Die Walküre) 4:26
A3 Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla (From Das Rheingold) 6:17
B1 Dawn And Siegfried's Rhino Journey (From Götterdämmerung) 10:42
B2 Siegfried's Funeral March (From Götterdämmerung) 8:14

Vinyl rip from a Technics SL-Q200 turntable w/ Grado Prestige cartridge into a Marantz Model 1040 vintage stereo amplifier

discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/release/13195705-Wagner-William-SteinbergPittsburgh-Symphony-Orchestra-Magic-Fire-MusicThe-Ride-Of-The-ValkyriesEntry
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