This is a quick overview of our Paul's Life & Letters Course--Rome Classes.

We took our students to the 21 top, most impactful Biblical Sites in Ancient Rome.

Hope you enjoy this quick study tour.

Rome Map Number & Biblical Site References

1--Ara Pacis: Augustus & Birth of Christ; Luke 1
2--St. Peters: Peter’s martyrdom at Nero’s Circus; John 21
3--Theater Marcellus: Paul’s 2 years in Acts 28:16
4--Basilica Julia: Paul’s 2 trials; Acts 25:12; 28:16; 2 Tim. 4
5--Mamertine Prison: Paul’s Final Prison; 2 Tim. 4
6--Trajan’s Market; persecution; Rev. 2:10a
7--Pantheon: 2 Th. 2:4; beware deception & antichrist’s plan
8--Domitian’s Stadium (Piazza Navona): Revelation 1 & John’s exile to Patmos
9--Hadrian’s Tomb (Castel Sant’Angelo): Hebrews 9:27; Hadrian tried to destroy Christ’s Tomb; an appointment with death
10--Circus Maximus: Rev. 2:10b; 1 Peter 4:12; where more martyrs died in Rome than anywhere else
11--Domus Augustus: Lk. 9:58 with 100’ ceilings in the dining room vs. Jesus had no place to lay His head
12--Arch Constantine: God’s plan to build His Church; Mat. 16:18
13--Arch Titus: Mt. 24; Mk. 13; Lk. 21; AD 70 and Daniel 9; God’s unstoppable plan for the end of the world
14--Colosseo: Col. 3:1-2; the ultimate distraction and our call to reverence
15--Domus Aurea: 1 Tim. 6:6-10; flee consuming desire for prosperity @Nero’s Golden House
16--Piazza Del Popolo: Mat. 16:26; gaining the world but losing your soul @Nero’s haunted tomb
17--San Clemente: Rev. 12:11; no fear in death, no guilt in life.
18--Diocletians Baths: Mt. 16:18a; Jn. 12:24-25; closest to extinction; die and bring more fruit
19--Lateran: Gal. 2:16; Constantine’s home; Obelisk of Moses’ day; Romanism and works religion;
20--Scala Sancta: John 18:28-38; Pilate’s steps when he came face to face with Jesus but turned away; Luther & justification by faith alone
21--Appian Way & Catacombs: Mt. 28:18-20; Quo Vadis; Roman Roads; going everywhere with the Gospel.

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