Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator

Today we bring you an in-depth look at the incredible Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator from Walrus Audio.

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Create the soundtrack to your storybook adventure with the Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator. Made up of five different programs, the Lore is an ambient creation machine built around reverse delay and reverbs. Featuring two DSP chips running in series, each with their own analog feedback path, the Lore takes you on an adventurous journey rich with themes of reversing, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and vast ambiance.

Walrus Audio - https://www.walrusaudio.com/

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Gear used:

Paul Reed Smith Silver Sky

Mesa/Boogie Mark 5:25
REVV Amplification D20 - https://revvamplification.com/
JHS Pedals Colour Box v2 - https://www.jhspedals.info/

29 Pedals EUNA - https://www.believableaudio.com/collections/29-pedals
Thru-Tone PM-1 Volume Pedal
Boss DD-8 - https://www.boss.info/global/

Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner

Caulfield Cables - https://www.caulfieldcables.com/

Interface: Universal Audio Volt 476

Video: Olympus PEN E-PL10 / E-P3 / Canon S95


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Thanks for your continued support, and remember, these videos are intended to show off the PEDALS and what they can do, not what a brilliant guitar player I am - there are plenty of shredder videos out there, and besides, I'm really a drummer :)

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