Warm Audio WA8000 vs Slate Digital ML-1 - Lead Male Vocals (Versus Video)

In this video, #CarlMooreMusic compares a highly sought after tube mic clone to a modern day emulations thanks to the ML-1 from #SlateDigital and the #WA8000 from Warm Audio. Mic modeling systems are an innovative method that can expand your mic locker without breaking the ENTIRE bank! Clone microphones are a method to get in the tonal family of extremely expensive, well performing microphones. Viewers and listeners should understand that this is not a full shootout of the VMS c800g emulations or Warm Audio's WA8000. However, it is a practical example of each mic in action. No post production processing has been added to each mic aside from engaging the VMS plugin on the ML-1 Tracks. Output gain reduction was added to attempt perceived level matching.


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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/carlmooremusic
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YouTube Link - https://m.youtube.com/user/cmoore937

0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Mic Introductions
0:55 - Preamps Used
1:41 - Social Media Info
1:58 - WA8000 Soloed
2:21 - FG-800 Soloed
2:43 - FG-800M Soloed
3:06 - Stock Pres No Compression
4:15 - Both Mics Plugin 1073 & Plugin 1176
5:25 - HA73jr & WA76 vs Slate Digital FG73 & FG116
6:32 - HA73jr & KT2A vs Slate Digital FG73 & FG2A
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