Watercool mrfx1k80 hf / 6 mtr amplifier

A quick video of a amp I built back in march this year, running via an elteck flatpac 2 .
It’s water cooled .
Current protected .
It’s been running since march 2021
Not one issue .
Doesn’t get hot and at our legal limit
Of 400 watts will last a life time.

The mrfx1k80 is the same ldmos that’s is used in the spe1.8kfa
This device will make 1800 watts
At 65 volts
At 53 volts I have made a easy 1400 watts out of this device before the filter.
I decided to set the current protection to trip out at just shy of
1100 watts after the filter or close to 1300 watts prior to the filter .
This means the amp is not being pushed or stressed.
it should last a very long time.

At our 400 watt Aussie limit.
This amp is just coasting along.
Did I say it just doesn’t get hot.
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