Ways to Improve the Fender Reissue Amps (This One is the Princeton)


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:08 Getting Ready to Lift the Board
00:04:34 Snipping the Filter Cap Leads
00:04:42 Yanking the Caps
00:05:05 Lifting the Board
00:05:20 Removing the Old Cap Leads
00:07:42 Removing the Old Silicone
00:08:10 Cleaning the Old Flux off the Board
00:09:08 Installing the New Filter Caps
00:10:21 Putting the Board Back
00:10:51 A Lot of Hardware Tightened
00:11:15 Checking Solder Joints
00:11:27 Resoldering the Volume Pot
00:13:22 Reverb Driver Wiring
00:16:32 New Heater Connections
00:17:11 Adjusting the Power Switch
00:18:19 Summary/Other Mods I Did
00:19:20 What It Sounds Like Now

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