WDW Series With Dion Jensen The Lion Academy SD 480p

Our guest today is a Military Veteran - former Police Officer and former Private Security Team Leader having worked in some of the most volatile - uncertain - complex and ambiguous environments around the globe.

He served as the Asia Pacific Regional Security Operations Manager tasked with ensuring the safety and protection of senior government officials and VIP's.

He is a clinically endorsed author on mental health and number one trending author on Crisis Leadership and Management.

Our guest today has featured alongside people such as the Amazing Oprah Winfrey, The Intelligent Simon Sinek, The Charismatic Denzel Washington and the Creative J.K Rowling to name a few.

He has trained and continues to train thousands of people across multiple industries in order to help them achieve the results they desire whether that's in business, financial literacy, personal development or relationships.

He is an inspirational speaker and human strategist dealing with the human element in organisations to increase and improve engagement, productivity and revenue.

He is an Influencer and the Founder of The Lion Academy whose mission is to Empower and Serve People.....And

He is a fiercely loyal and devoted Husband, Father, Leader and Friend to those who know him best....

Ladies and Gentlemen - Aotearoa New Zealand the one and only Mr Dion Jensen....

During this episode Dion talks about "Coming out the other side of Military Life" Trauma - Transition and Evolution. But, don't be fooled into thinking this only applies to ex military personnel. Because it doesn't. There are so many positive take-aways from this episode regardless of your circumstances or position.

This episode can also be enlightening for spouses who perhaps have seen their significant others struggle with trauma, transition and/or trying to evolve.

Dion provides insights, solutions, resources and advice to help us recognise, acknowledge and overcome Trauma and PTSD. He speaks about our subconscious body-guards and explains the positive roles they play in keeping us and at times others safe.

He talks us through the transition processes and what that involves/looks like.
He describes what it means to evolve and the positivity that can create for not only ourselves but for others.

Dion also quizzes Joe with some questions to get his thoughts on a couple of scenarios (Which is quite funny to hear Joe default to treating a basic warning order he received from Dion on the fly, as though the hikers were somehow threats
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