We Compare 18 Overland Trailers, So You Can Decide Which Is Best For You

From mild to wild, we take a close-up look at 18 overland, expedition trailers at the 2022 Moore Expo.

Looking for a teardrop camping trailer? Maybe an extreme off-road trailer? This video focuses on details of all the options available on offgrid campers. Including models that utilize a roof top tent.

We think this video will help you decide which is best for you!

Here are the chapters:

00:00 -Intro

00:52 -Off Grid Trailers

05:00 -Expedition Trailers

09:10 -CampInAwe

13:15 -Big Slack Offroad

17:33 -Badac Adventure

21:37;20 -Glade Top Adventure

25:47 -Back Roads Overland

29:48 -Opus Trailers

33:59 -Hiker Trailers

37:54;13 -Rustic Mountain

42:10 -TC Teardrops

46:01 -Space Trailer

50:10 -XGRID Campers – AOR Sierra

54:11 -Symmetry Trailers

57:39 -Cedar Ridge

01:01:40;20 -Extreme Offroad

01:05:47;12 -Schutt Industries

01:09:44;14 -Bundutec
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