Wednesday Solder Sesh #21

Time to HAM it up! My friend Mark Smith (@smittyhalibut on twitter) will be joining us in person and we'll be chatting about and I'll be learning about HAM radio. Come hang out and ask your HAM questions in the chat! We'll also be talking about conference badges he's made, and we might solder up an FM RX/TX kit, we'll see how it goes!
Marks Twitter: @smittyhalibut
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0:00 Intro
2:21 HAM Radio, What is it?!
19:46 Field Day/Contests/Cool Gadgets!
28:49 How did Mark get into HAM Radio?
41:32 An Audiophiles' Audio gadgets
1:13:52 Badge Life/DEFCON
1:20:16 Follow the White Rabbit
1:49:34 Amazon Badges/ZONCON
2:16:42 Final Thoughts/Questions
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