Went to Car Audio Plug and Bought some Sundown Audio Subs for next Build

Pulled up to the plug to check out some Sundown Subs for NEW GIVEAWAY and for future builds!!
*Must See Video

New Rules for Double Din Radio Giveaway
Comment “#mtg” along with your Instagram Name in the Comment Section to be Entered in the Giveaway that will Take place Saturday
Feb 26,2022 at 7pm eastern Time Zone!
You Must be a Subscriber to Enter!!

Enter my Car Audio Giveaway which consists of
2 12” Sundown Audio E-12 v4 Subs
Taramps Bass 1200 watt 1ohm Amp

How to enter
$5 Gets you 1 Entry no Merch Just An Entry
$10 Gets you 2 Entries & 1 Car Audio Decal
$25 Gets you 5 Entries & 1 Car Audio Shirt
$30 Gets you 10 Entries & Car Audio shirt & Decal
Sending these payments to my CashApp or Zelle Along with your Instagram Name&Contact Phone#
Will ENTER You in Giveaway and Chance to Win the Sundown Subs and Amp!

How to make payment
You can CashApp or Zelle Me
CashApp $mousetrapgang
Zelle [email protected]
*Please include Instagram Name&Contact Phone#

After payment is received I will contact you thru my new Mousetrapgang Ig page to get shipping info and let you know that your purchase is confirmed and your Merch is on the way if you paid for Entries that includes decal or shirt!
(Working on Merch Website)
Make sure to follow Ig Mousetrapgang as well for Giveaway updates

Good luck to those who enter in both giveaways!

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