Westone X390 Pantera CB - Tribute Guitar Build - Making the Templates by hand. (Template Tutorial)

Making the templates for the Westone X390 Pantera CB tribute Guitar Build.
The second video in the guitar building series where I'm building a Westone X390 Pantera inspired guitar.
In this episode I show and explain how I design and make the body and neck templates for this guitar by hand.

This video turned into a very detailed tutorial on how to make guitar temples by hand using a couple of very basic tools.
To learn more about the design used in this video check out part 1:

The Incra protractor I'm using:
https://amzn.to/3vuCJtV - Incra Protractor (Imperial)
https://amzn.to/3tlEKXx - Incra Protractor (Metric)

0:00 Intro
0:31 Design
0:56 Cut it to size
1:41 To the bandsaw
2:45 Filming obstacles
3:16 Refining the outlines
3:41 Fixing a mistake
4:14 Detailing the outlines
7:41 Neck template
11:30 Test fitting
12:53 Making Copies
17:16 Perfect Centerlines
18:43 Master Templates
19:27 Cavities Layout
19:48 Neck position
21:07 Neck Pickup
22:34 Scale length
23:50 Bridge position
25:56 Bridge Pickup
27:39 Controls Layout
33:47 Too complex to build?
35:48 Outro

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No software or computers were harmed to create this guitar design.
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