Wharfedale Diamond Loudspeaker Retro Review

Fashion alert!

In this episode, Mike and David find themselves back in the nineteen eighties again, this time with the original Wharfedale Diamond – the little loudspeaker with ideas above its station!

They both agree that even by today's standards, it's a dinky delight. Mike is especially taken by how it plays his favourite Scritti Politti record – 'Boom, There She Was!' Driven by David's Myst tma3 integrated, it sounds stupidly good considering how cheap it was – and still is.

Each episode of Hi-Fi Riff features their unedited, unexpurgated views about all manner of weird and/or wonderful hi-fi designs. Mike has a huge wealth of knowledge from his hi-fi retail years, and David has written about hi-fi for thirty years. Now Editor-in-Chief of StereoNET, he's picked up a few things along the way.

So relax and enjoy some one-take hi-fi riffing – and please leave your comments below.

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The eighties-tastic title tune is called ‘UFO/Mike’s Jumper’, and used with the express permission of our old pal and rights holder Simon Lythe.

To read David's review of this tiny treat, click on: https://zstereo.co.uk/2014/10/11/wharfedale-diamond.
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