What Is An Attenuator Vs A Volume Control? From The Axiom Audio Glossary: Audio Terms Explained

When you see a control knob that says negative infinity (➖♾) you have an attenuator which uses a different number system from a volume knob that goes from 1 to 10, or 100. In this video, Chief Product Officer Andrew Welker explains the audio terms Attenuate and Attenuator, as well as explaining why some equipment displays show a negative number.

Also, audio-lover origin-story in this video! Andrew tells a tale of his very early youth, and how he learned about the difference between volume and attenuation. A cautionary tale indeed!

"What Is An Attenuator Vs Volume Control?" is the latest installment in the Axiom Audio Glossary: Audio Terms Explained playlist. Any thoughts or questions you have on covering future audio jargon will be very helpful for upcoming videos.

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