What is the Best Battery Powered Guitar Amp? Marshall vs Blackstar vs iRig

Here at Noisegate, we went deep to compare 3 different battery-powered, micro, mini, portable, mobile, coffee table or whatever you’d like to call those small handy little battery-powered guitar amps. These amps are great for those who need a portable guitar sound on the go. We brought in a crack team of audio and acoustic engineers and spared no expense in setting up our studio, so we could best compare the tone of these 3 popular battery-powered amps. In our video, we check out the Marshall MS-2, Blackstar Fly 3 and the IK Multimedia iRig Micro Amp. Which one had the best tone – watch to see our verdict!
More info via the link: https://noisegate.com.au/what-is-the-best-battery-powered-guitar-amp-marshall-vs-blackstar-vs-irig/

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