What is Tube Amp Sag? Chapter 2 in the Search for a Saggy Nirvana. Capacitors and Rectifiers

In Chapter 2 of our series on Tube Amp Sag we start our look at the role of capacitors and rectifiers. By the end of this chapter you will know what 60 and 120Hz hum sounds like, how capacitors can eliminate hum, and look at how capacitors contribute to tube amp sag. You might even learn how to make a capacitor!
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Chapter Two Index
00:00 Introduction to Chapter Two: Rectifiers and Capacitors. Part I.
01:00 Generating Alternating Current. Why not DC, direct current?
02:45 “Stop! What’s your business here, Mr Rectifier?” “I’m here to change your AC into DC”.
05:50 What does hum and ripple sound like? Sound samples of 50, 60, 100 and 120Hz
06:20 When can 100Hz or 120Hz hum sound good in an amplifier?
07:20 What is ripple, and how do capacitors reduce ripple?
09:45 Fenders choice of filter capacitor in the 6G3 Brownface Deluxe and the AB763 Blackface
10:50 Let's make a capacitor to understand how a capacitor works
19:40 Think of a filter capacitor as a special kind of battery
20:50 The consequence of increasing wall voltages to vintage amps and specifically filter capacitors
23:25 Another Dad analogy: How a filter capacitor supports the role of the rectifier.
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