What matters MOST with Guitar Tone?

Tubes, Tonewood and "Sound is in the Hands," really don't change the tone very much when you put them to the test. Here's one way that WILL improve your tone, and won't cost you a fortune! Get my FREE Audio Basics Course here: https://spectremedia.ca/download-free-smg-basics-course/

0:00 What DOESN’T work!
0:50 Guitar Tone myths vs the Scientific Method
1:38 The sound is NOT in the hands
3:37 The sound is NOT in the tubes
6:10 The sound is NOT in the Tonewood
7:26 It’s not the amp, either! (sort of)
9:30 Same Speaker in 3 different cabinets
11:07 Each Speaker is unique in a 4X12
12:07 Why it’s being overlooked
13:31 Quest for a “Vintage” Vintage 30
14:36 3 Mesa Cabs from different years
15:31 One of my favourite tones
16:40 Something OTHER than a V30!
17:04 EVH vs Hempback
17:38 EVH Blend vs V30
18:17 NOW the sound is changing!
19:01 Alternatives to what’s “safe”
19:38 The Bottom Line

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