What You NEED To Know About Speaker Impedance! | Series vs Parallel, Ohms, & Amplifier Matching

What is speaker impedance? Why is speaker impedance important? How do you calculate speaker impedance in series and parallel? In this video, I'll answer these questions so that you can properly match your speakers and amplifier.

Speaker Impedance Calculator: https://geoffthegreygeek.com/calculator-speakers-in-parallel/

Speaker Specifications Guide: https://audiouniversityonline.com/speaker-specs-guide/

Choosing The Right Speakers: https://audiouniversityonline.com/choosing-speakers/

Choosing The Right Amplifier: https://audiouniversityonline.com/choosing-an-amplifier/

0:00 - What Is Speaker Impedance?
0:31 - Why Is Speaker Impedance Important?
1:55 - How To Calculate Speaker Impedance (Series vs Parallel)
3:59 - Choosing The Right Speakers & Amplifier

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