When a BLUES GUITARIST Plays METAL... • BLACK SABBATH Slide Guitar Cover

I've had this Zakk Wylde-Inspired 4-string guitar kicking around the studio for years, and when I got a request for some "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, I knew it would be the perfect instrument to summon up the Oz-Power! I had to re-create the whole band sound on 4 strings, so I put two low E-strings on the bass strings posItions, and the High B and E in the other two string slots, then tuned the bass strings to D and E, & the High strings to B and E for the melody notes. The key is using the thumbpick palm-muted for the rhythm, and the high strings un-muted with the slide for the vocal melody.

• Custom 4-String V Guitar
• Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide: https://www.justinjohnsonstore.com
• Justin Johnson Signature Thumb Pick: https://www.justinjohnsonstore.com

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