WHICH OVERDRIVE IS THE BEST?! - Neural DSP Overdrive Pedals Comparison

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Had a ton of fun making this one, I hope It'll be useful to you as much as It will be to me!
I've been having trouble deciding which overdrive to you, so this comparison is very useful.
Also If you're wondering, the only reason I'm not including more plugins is because I don't have more of them :_)

As I mentioned in the video, If you have any questions or suggestions/constructive criticism, leave It down in the comments below!

0:00 Intro & Happy New Year!
0:20 Testing Setup (Important!)
3:08 Archetype: Gojira Amp 2 Comparison
4:41 Archetype: Nolly Amp 2 Comparison
6:08 Archetype: Nolly Amp 3 Comparison
7:34 Fortin Cali OD 2 Comparison

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