Which Quality, Fancy Concert Ukulele To Get For $100?

My pal out in Nevada and I are no longer on speaking terms. He claimed I was ignoring the great Enya all solid mahogany concert ukulele deal currently running on Amazon. I checked the ukulele out by looking at pictures and reading the specs, then I pulled out three ukuleles from my own collection that I would much, much rather have. If you don't like my recommendations, then please don't argue with me. I'm entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to your opinion, but only little children about six years old argue about such things! If you have the cherry blossom ukulele, and love it, I'm happy for you. If you don't have, I would recommend one of the three I show in this video.

Orange Tuners and Cherry Blossoms. $100 ukulele no deal of the day.
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