Which Technics amplifiers with large VU meters are good to buy

In this video I deliberately do not talk about the Technics SE-R1 Power Amplifier because this amplifier deserves its own video. The price range this amplifier is in is to high for most of us. New 13000 euros and now as second hand sometimes for sale around 6/7000 euros but still too expensive for most of us, maybe they will be sold under 4000 euros in a few years .... This monster belongs in a separately class and also his weight of 54 kilos deserves a separate video
After this Technics SE-R1, the best choice is the Technics SE-A7000 from 1992 with a weight of 38 kilos, followed by the Technics SE-A100 from 1986 with a weight of 31 kilos. Also be aware when you buy a Technics SA-A1000 ore other cheaper Technics that some of them use power transistors which are very hard to find and you can't find the originals anymore. Check out which power transistors are used in the Technics you want to buy and if those transistors are still for sale. Do not trust Chinese copies from these transistors.
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