Why do guitar players talk about resale value when buying a new guitar?

Subject index
00:00 Intro with OBS issue
03:10 Issue with your guitar getting drowned out by another player
07:46 Just got 34 pedals
24:30 You like the Boss Katana, but not the distortions tones
30:44 Basic set up vs Performance set up
37:30 Thoughts n the Diezel micro amp?
42:28 What is going on with Reverb? Saying inspect photos closely
53:50 Roasted maple necks are they here to stay?
55:50 Do speakers make your tone?
1:08:10 Why I like the affordable lines of high-end guitars
1:10:45 The perfect storm that lead to me buying my most expensive guitar
1:26:12 The gear argument that doesn't exist
1:35:19 Why the wattage doesn't dictate how well the amps sound at low volumes
1:48:00 Fender Tone Master talk
1:52:00 Knowing when to stop when you find the right piece of gear
1:55:14 The law of diminishing returns with gear?
1:59:40 Engle Iron Ball SE vs Mesa Mark Five 25 and amp talk
2:05:42 Why do guitar players talk about resale value when buying a new guitar?

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