Why hire Daryl as a top rated speaker, executive coach & business adviser

Hi, I'm Daryl Woodhouse, aka The Smarter Work Pro™.

If you are looking for a high impact keynote speaker, executive coach, or business adviser, then you know there are thousands of people to choose from, which can be overwhelming! I hope this short video makes your choice A LOT easier!!!

I help organisations optimise return on investment whilst taking great care of employees through interactive keynotes, workshops and programmes with inspiration, actionable advice and practical tools.

Working smart has always been one of my strengths and it helped me achieve many career and business successes. However, I also worked for too many hours for too long and it was taking its toll on my health. Suddenly, an unexpected personal tragedy tipped me into the abyss of a major burnout.

During my journey to a full recovery, I discovered how to achieve more at work whilst living happier with no more overworking.

As someone who loves helping others, I had to make it my mission to help millions of hard working leaders and teams to optimise success with smart work strategies whilst enjoying a great life work balance.

Some say my combination of lived experience storytelling, deep research insights, and proven methods is what makes me unique as a speaker and coach. Don't take my word for it. At darylwoodhouse.com and on my LinkedIn profile you can review my endorsements, recommendations and awards to make up your own mind.

I know how organisations can achieve a smarter future and optimise ROI from hybrid working, with my expertise in productivity, time management, culture change, burnout prevention, life work balance, employee wellbeing, leadership and personal development.

There will be no shocking demands or high drama, because you will find me to be really easy to work with! I enjoy adapting my delivery to provide exactly what you need without ever sacrificing quality.

To build excitement and high attendance, I can provide a personalised promo video ahead of your event, and articles for your newsletter should you wish.

After appearing at hundreds of conferences, workshops and events in more than 60 countries on stage and virtually, I hope to speak with you soon.

Let's talk about planning your most memorable life and work successes in years.

Message me via https://darylwoodhouse.com/ and I’ll speak to you very soon.

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