Why Is This Soviet Tape Recorder So Heavy?

This Soviet mini-Hi-Fi system is actually just a tape recorder, but nevertheless it weights 9 kilograms without the loudspeakers. What's so heavy inside it and how did this machine contribute to the collapse of the USSR? Let's take a little tour into the soviet technological and musical culture!

00:00 - Introduction
01:33 - How Soviet Home Electronics Industry Worked
03:25 - Soviet Struggle To Create A Hi-Fi Tape Recorder
05:44 - Soviet Music Industry
07:21 - Soviet Music Piracy
09:15 - Soviet '80s Tape Recorder Review
11:50 - Soviet Cassette Tapes
14:22 - Soviet Tape Recorder In The Post-Soviet World of CDs

Video Courtesies:

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Pioneer CT-F700 Cassette Deck - repair & testing (luvradios)
Исторический момент: Снос завода ЗИЛ (BRUSNIKA AGENCY, креативное агентство)

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