Why Your Amp Sim Guitar Tones SUCK (and how to fix them!)

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My amp sim guitar tones used to be terrible.

​I chased my tail for years, constantly comparing my guitar tone to what I heard on my favorite records and it was always demoralizing.

​I'd try every plugin and amp modeler under the sun, but nothing seemed to work. Sometimes I'd spend a ton of money and would end up with WORSE tone.

​But here's the funny thing...

​I used to only THINK that my tones were terrible. After learning the true secrets behind legit heavy music production, I realized that my amp sims and modelers weren't the problem.

​The problem was that I wasn't listening for and doing the right things when it came time to produce my music. I was hyper-focused on crap that DIDN'T ACTUALLY MATTER.

​I recently received an excellent email from a subscriber, Dominique, who's currently going through the exact same amp sim guitar tone HELL that I went through and his email struck a real chord with me.

​Dominique was kind enough to send me actual files of both his raw DI track and printed amp sim tones so I could dive deep and inspect his issues.

​Within seconds, I was able to detect his REAL Amp Sim Guitar Tone Issue and I decided to film a custom tutorial explaining what he can do to improve his results.

​Because so many of us deal with this issue (myself included), I've decided to provide you with this exact tutorial so you can avoid wasting unnecessary time fiddling with your amp sims for no reason. ​

​​In this tutorial, I explain and showcase why you're struggling with your amp sim guitar tones and how you can fix your issues once and for all.

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