WIFI Audio Receiver Module Board BT 5.0 AUX Input USB Ethernet DLNA Streaming Multiroom Playback

CL-100WB PRO is a WiFi & BT 5.0 audio source receiver module that can be easily integrated into existing active speakers or audio amplifiers to create a smart audio system that supports AirPlay, DLNA, online streaming from Tuneln,iHeartRadio, Deezer, XIMALAYA, Tidal, Napster, Qobuz, Deezer and local playback, and easily implement WiFi Multi-room control.
* Support WiFi 2.4G
* Support BT 5.0/ AUX / USB / Ethernet interface
* HiFi, support Multi-room playback
* Support DLNA,AirPlay,iHeartRadio,Spotify,TIDAL,Napster,Qobuz,QQ music,Online Radio
* Support 24 bit/44.1KHZ-24 bit/192KHZ
* Equipped with full frequency stereo output

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