WiiM's Mini Streamer is a Google Chromecast Audio Sound Improver

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I used the following kit in testing these speakers :
SMSL H0200 Headphone Amp, Burson Funk Amp / Headphone Amp with Cambridge Audio Minx MIN22 Speakers, Adam Audio SP-5 Headphones. (I also tested in a premium but perhaps mismatched system, price wise, comprising Hegel H390 amplifier with KEF LS50 Meta Speakers).
As an addendum, the top buttons control volume and an ability to play and pause, which is probably obvious from the video and pictures.

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Time Stamps :
0:00 Introduction / unboxing
1:06 What is is? What does it do?
3:09 How to hook it up
4:17 More of what is does... Resolution / sample rate
5:30 Using Airplay 2 (Qobuz app as an illustration)
6:05 Inbuilt Mic / Gapless playback
8:01 Other App Features
9:00 Sound Quality - Analogue and Digital Outputs
9:56 The Wrap

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