Willsenton R8: Fixing Lead Dress and Grounding Faults #2.

In this 2nd part, I show how to follow best practices with the wiring, focusing on how to correctly lay out the grounding using the "Star ground" method. This also resolves what I consider a major flaw with how the output tubes are grounded as well as eliminating the bad wiring used for the headphone jack.

This is a video series about the popular Willsenton R8 KT88 EL34 Push Pull tube audio amplifier. We will go through the repair this amp needs, testing and reviews of the amp as delivered, and then work on modifications to improve the sound quality and durability.

For a 3 lug "terminal strip" like I used, mouser has a similar one under part # 534-846TS

A great book for DIY amp building info!
Morgan Jones: Building Valve Amplifiers.

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