Wired up & Fired up! speaker pods, panel mods Cadillac Escalade (2 sets of 3 ways per side) DONE

tons more build pics here: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/210401-2015-cadillac-escalade-sound-system-install-6-12s-all-1-acrylic-box-midshighs-started-update-page-25/?do=findComment&comment=3256421 - Join our fun, friendly and knowledgeable community today!

So glad to finally finish the door panels. As for the rears, they are being deleted. I prefer all of my mids/highs to come from the front, never anything in the back. Of course i have a lot of gains to set and some eq'ing to do, but even completely flat they sound really good! The midbass slap is crazy! The D'amore Engineering amps are class A A/B heavily biased towards class A. For info on my amps visit: https://damoreengineering.com/collections/sheperformance

Every single thing i have done to this Caddy from the Wheels, to the Turbo's, brakes, and now working on the system can be found in this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbHKD58RLZvVdPQzxwQ2R7xEFgOLkB57k

For info on the b2Audio "Mani" 3 ways visit http://www.b2audio.com

What kind of sound deadener is my favorite? Second Skin of course! check out Damp Pro here https://www.secondskinaudio.com/sound-deadening/damplifier-pro

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