Wisman high voltage power supply—DC rack mount series. https://www.wsmhv.com/

DC series precision rack mount high-voltage power supply, output 1kV-130kV various models, max power 1200W, ripple 0.02%, stability 0.01%/8 hours. Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturer and seller of high voltage power supply products such as rack mount high voltage power supply, micro modules high voltage power supply, modules high voltage power supply , X-ray generator , high voltage amplifier, customized and high voltage accessories. The power range of the products is from 100mW to 1000kW, and the voltage range is from 60V to 600kV. These products are used in semiconductors, analytical instruments, medical, industrial, security, environment, scientific research institutes, etc., and can tailor-made suitable high-voltage power supply complete solutions for users.
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