wrecker is a liar

so DW is trying to say that his Marvin tube amplifier when having a load 1/2 what is recommended gave him excessive power and then damaged a capacitor- the reason this is a lie is the tube amplifier uses a transformer to send the signal to the speaker- the reason the transformer is used in tubes and not in solid state is because tubes have a very high output impedance- the transformer uses 2 coils to send this signal along- the primary of this transformer induces a magnetic field with the current that flows through it and since it is an AC current its constantly changing- this changing magnetic field induces current in the secondary- the current that is induced in the secondary is detern=mined by the ratio of the windings between the 2 coils- the reason this is done is the primary can match the high impedance of the tube and send it to the lower impedance secondary that can match the impedance of the speaker load to ensure max power via the max power theorem- if you try to use a lower impedance that secondary of the output will overheat and die- in solid state the damage is likely to occur in the Zobel network which could include a capacitor but you dont see zobels used with tube amps- also the carving x100b with a 16Ω switch was not released until 1990 according to the date on the schematic from Carvin- if you are willing to lie about something so trivial as the date you bought the amp why should we think you wouldn't lie about anything else? also- what happens the signal after it leaves the secondary of a transformer has absolutely no impact on what happens on the primary side- the whole reason a transformer is so vastly used is it separates the power source from the load from direct connection- its for safety of the components as well as any impedance matching it may do- check your schematics if you doubt me
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