WSOP Day 10: Dan Bilzerian is OUT at GG Poker | Only Friends Podcast w/Matt Berkey Ep 51

Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
03:02 Clip of New York Rangers fan sucker punching a Tampa Bay Lightning fan
11:55 Dan Blizerian
13:20 Poker players are nerds
16:30 How popular is Dan Blizerian
23:20 Would Mr. Beast be a good ambassador for poker
30:00 Is poker cool
34:00 Drake and Stake. Com
37:50 Very Important Players
39:30 Steve Aoki’s partnership with the World Poker Tour
42:15 Poker for profit vs poker for fun
52:30 Live cash game ecosystem
55:30 Could Meetup games create an environment that is more friendly for new players
56:50 Where is Vince Vaughn
57:30 No on is covering the WSOP
1:00:00 WSOP streams
1:03:00 Who is watching poker content
1:05:10 ESPN crushed the poker coverage in the early 2000’s
1:08:10 Selling the poker lifestyle
1:11:00 WSOP reporting
1:13:40 Centralized poker content
1:17:35 Poker highlight clips
1:19:00 Lon and Norm
1:24:00 Where is all the poker content
1:25:50 Daniel Negreanu getting blackmailed
1:27:00 How safe is the WSOP
1:38:10 Landon’s new course A Guide to Flop Decisions in 3-Bet Pots is live on Solve For WhyTV
1:40:35 Poker Out Loud Academy

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Join Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Landon Tice and the rest of the Solve for Why team as they discuss the big topics within the poker community as well as current events and strategy.

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Special Photo Credit to Antonio Ambrego Alec Rome & Hayley Hochstetler

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