XEMPT PartyPitcher Mini Review | LOUDEST Mini Party SPEAKER At Lowest Price? XMT mini Unboxing.

XEMPT PartyPitcher Mini Review | LOUDEST Mini Party SPEAKER At Lowest Price? XMT mini Unboxing.

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**XEMPT PartyPitcher Mini Review Key Moments**
00:00 introduction
00:12 XEMPT Max Video Glimpse
00:18 XEMPT Mini Unboxing
00:38 Revealing Product
00:40 Free UHF Mic Inside
00:45 Build Quality & Design
00:51 XEMPT Mini weight
00:58 DSP Amplifier Inbuilt
01:15 DSP explain sound sample
01:23 Total RMS Output & Drivers
01:30 Compression Drivers Explain
01:53 Compression Driver Sample
02:00 Bluetooth & Connectivity Ports
02:15 FM inbuilt
02:24 White Display LCD
02:35 Battery Backup & Charging
02:48 Light Hsow
02:55 Control Console
03:25 XEMPT PartyPitcher Mini price
03:31 Portability Features to carry
03:41 Power port & Bass reflex port
03:56 Sound Signature Testing With dB meter
04:07 Sound Samples
05:05 Sound signature Explain
05:13 Punchy Bass & Distortion Test With Paper
05:53 Mic Build Quality
06:00 Tws Compatible Speaker
06:15 Usb port charging
06:20 1 Year Warranty & Extended Warranty Option
06:40 Using From 7 Months
06:47 Burn in period Of XEMPT Mini
06:58 Final Conclusion
07:09 Cons
07:31 Outro


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