Xotic Guitars - The Heir to the Fender Tone Throne?

When you are in the market for the ultimate players guitar you would be forgiven for only thinking of the big F. There are many other options to consider, and one of the greatest alternatives you simply have to think about is, Xotic Guitars...

We are so proud to be the UK's exclusive dealer for Xotic Guitars, so it's always an exciting occassion whenever we receive a new shipment from our Xotic friends.

We could wax lyrical over all of the fantastic features and benefits that Xotic Guitars provide to you, the player. However we thought the best way to sink your teeth into the fantastic tones that these instruments possess, would be to hear them being played.

We hope you enjoy this quick feature on these guitars. We'd love to hear what you think of Xotic in the comments below!

Check out Xotic here: https://bit.ly/3EEttay

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