XY-T100L 100Wx2 APP Control Bluetooth 5.0 Subwoofer Audio Stereo Amplifier Board AUX USB Bass Treble

Review and audio testing of XY-T100L 100Wx2 APP Control Bluetooth 5.0 Subwoofer Amplifier Board High Power Audio Stereo Amplifier Board AUX USB Bass Treble.
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Product model: XY-T100L
Power supply: DC5-24V/10A or above Bluetooth version 5.0
Audio input: Bluetooth+AUX+U disk+USB sound card
Audio output: passive speaker + 3.5mm interface stereo output
Volume adjustment: high-end encoder knob adjustment, smooth hand feel
Frequency range: 20Hz-30KHz
SNR: 92dB
Adapter speaker: 20W-200W/492-89
Output power: 100W x 2
Protection mechanism: electrostatic protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection
Special function: support Sinilink-APP control
Product size: 93 x 65 x 25 mm

1.Heat sink installation:
When assembling, we must pay attention to the installation of the heat sink. After sticking the heat dissipation silicone on the heat sink, we will stick the side of the heat sink with the silicone on the power amplifier chip; pay attention to the metal shell of the heat sink must not be in contact with the surrounding components to avoid short circuit; finally, the roof board is pressed against the heat sink, and the heat dissipation through the roof board to achieve better heat dissipation effect.
2.Audio input mode switch:
When this product is not mounted on any external audio device, the default power is Bluetooth mode; if you mount an external playback device such as an AUX or USB disk, the default mode is AUX or J disk playback mode; switching audio mode can also be selected by APP, which is very convenient.
1) When AUX is playing, try to choose AUX line with shielding layer to reduce noise.
2) Try to use MP3 format for U disk playback. The sampling rate of WAV format must be less than 44100Hz. If the sampling rate is too high, it may not be able to play.
3) When using the function of USB ,most computer systems will switch USB sound card by default. If you can't switch it automatically, you can manually select the switch.
3.The power selection:
The power supply range of this product is 5-24VDC, compatible with the standard 5.5-2.1/2.5 power adapter plug, it is recommended to use the standard 12V/24V power adapter, the current output is more than 10A.
1) Select the power size and the use of the horn power related, such as the use of 8 ohm 100W horn, the use of 24V power supply, current at least 6A above; the current is too small, which may appear sound stagnation phenomenon, reduce the volume and the output power can solve this problem.
2) Power supply voltage can not be higher than 26V; higher than 26V, the circuit board will be burned.
3) If the amplifier board is restarted after the volume is turned up during the playback, it is caused by insufficient power supply, and the power supply with greater output current can be replaced.
4.Speaker selection:
This power amplifier can continuously output 100W x 2 power, 20W-200W speakers can be pushed, recommended to use 8 ohm or 4 ohm speakers. If the power is within 100W of the speaker, appropriate to reduce the power supply voltage (such as 12V power supply) or turn down the volume of the player; more than 100W of the speaker power supply voltage, the greater the better (26V). If the music speaker appears "hiccup" phenomenon, the first consideration of the power supply is insufficient, use a larger power supply; second, consider the power amplifier overheating protection, strengthen heat dissipation or reduce the volume; if a number of loudspeakers in parallel, they must be the total impedance control over 4 ohm after the loudspeaker in parallel; if too small impedance, power amplifier is easy to enter the over-current protection state.
5.The signal problem:
PCB antenna is used in this product, and the visual distance of connection can reach 15 meters without shielding. If you can't find bluetooth when using it, or if you can't connect bluetooth, it's a signal problem.
1) Always stay away from the router when using it.
2) Avoid using on metal countertops, which will affect the signal of PCB antenna.
3) Refit the speaker, if it is a metal shell, you must put the antenna out of the shell, and the metal will shield the signal.
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