Yamaha A-1 integrated Amplifier JDM model

A silver Faced JDM model of the Yamaha A1 integrated amplifier. The amp had a DC offset issue on the preamp board and on the drive board. Both turned out to be the 2SK 100 Jfet chips. The legs are barely corroded I noticed after I remove them to test on my peak DCA 75 m. All four tested fine and I decided to clean the corroded legs. And after reinsertion into the amp the southside was able to be sad and the preamp board and the dry board. Not sure if the corrosion was the issue or there was a cold soul to join and just reinstalling them fixed it I guess I’ll never know for sure but it works great now. The amp
was recapped completely except for the main filter caps .

The thread that felt with this rebuild and trying to figure out the issues is located here https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/yamaha-a-1-jdm-silver-face-restoration-to-begin.984492/
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