Yamaha Aventage A2A AV Receiver Review | Yamaha's Latest Dolby Atmos AVR | Price and Demo in India

Yamaha has been one of the popular names in Indian home cinema markets since many decades, and their AVRs have always been well appreciated by the consumers. Their RX-V series has been a great hit in the budget segment, and the Aventage series in Premium Installations.

Now both the series are great, but Aventage has got more attention to the circuitry inside with High Performance Processor and More Robust Amplification. Also, when it comes to driving 4 Ohms speaker which requires more power, Aventage can do the job well, than the V-series AVRs. Apart from this, the other wins in Aventage series when compared with V-series of Yamaha are – High Resolution Music Enhancer and No support to Imax Enhanced, Auro 3D and DTS Virtual X formats

Hit the like button if you are also in Love with the new design of Yamaha Receivers with Glossy black finish, Volume knob right in the center, and a small knob for Input selection on the sides. I think having the volume knob big and in the middle is really a great decision coz for other AVRs, people often get confused due to small fonts and identical designs, especially in case of Remotes not working.

Yamaha RX-A2A Aventage series AVR which is 7ch AVR with 100Watts Output at 8 Ohms with a Total Harmonic Distortion of only 0.06%.

Yamaha Back Panel -
1. HDMI - 7 Inputs but only 1 Output
2. Digital Audio Inputs for Zone 2 – Yes
3. Only 1 Optical Input
4. Other Inputs

Verdict – Great Amplifier at a very strong price point when compared with Marantz and Denons. The only drawback is 1 HDMI out, Pre-Outs only for Front Left/Rights and Zone 2. And the glossy black can attract dust in Indian homes.

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Yamaha Aventage A2A AV Receiver Review | Yamaha's Latest Dolby Atmos AVR | Price and Demo in India

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