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Yamaha NP32 Piaggero 76-Note Digital Piano

True piano feel
Learn to play the piano on a realistic instrument. With 76 keys, the NP32 is close to full-size so that you can get a good impression of the authentic feel of playing. Your fingers can get used to the shape of acoustic piano keys with piano-style box keys. An important feature which really brings this digital piano to a new level is the graded, soft-touch keys. Your keys will respond to how lightly or powerfully you press them. This means you can give pieces their true grandeur by playing softly then building into every crescendo.

Quality sound
The NP32 is performance ready. You won't miss out on sound quality with this compact piano. Yamaha use Advanced Wave Memory audio sampling to get the rich, authentic sound you hear from the Piaggero. The piano voice is sampled from a Yamaha Concert Grand, one of the finest pianos Yamaha have ever made. You'll do justice to this beautiful tone with a built-in amplifier and speaker system which create a strong stereo sound. Achieve the ambience of a concert hall anywhere with four different reverb settings.

Portable piano
Meet a piano that fits into your lifestyle. The Piaggero NP32 won't take over your room in its petite shape. It is less than 6kg so you'll easily be able to carry this instrument on your own, which you wouldn't be able to say about most pianos! This digital is perfect to pack away into your car so you'll have a new level of freedom as to where you can perform. With a seven-hour battery life when you choose to power the instrument in this way, outdoor shows become a breeze. With this level of portability and sound quality, the NP32 really captures the essence of a Yamaha piano at a fraction of the usual size and weight.

Digital features
Yamaha have only included essential features with easy operation buttons, keeping the top of your piano uncluttered, so you can focus on playing. Keep in time using the metronome setting and remember your compositions with the one-touch recording function. Play any piece by transposing up or down. The features are ideal for getting creative too, by mixing it up with the ten different voices. Play traditional tunes with the organ sound or try the electric piano for a funky twist. Choose your own effects by layering up different sounds, like piano and strings, to create a distinct sound of your own.

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