Yamaha | Revstar Professional RSP20 | Guitar Sound Samples – Clean

Revstar Professional is the flagship tier of the new Revstar series. Made in Japan, these electric guitars feature chambered bodies with carbon reinforcement, developed with our Acoustic Design process to sculpt tone and maximize resonance.

RSP20 and RSP20X feature custom-designed Alnico V humbuckers with five-way switching for additional versatility. Positions 2 and 4 introduce capacitors to subtly offset the phase between both pickups for a new take on classic “in-between” sounds.

Revstar Professional guitars also feature the new Focus Switch. This is a passive boost activated by a push/pull switch on the Tone control that offers darker highs and increased lows and mids.

A sound sample video demonstrating the Focus Switch is available here: https://youtu.be/dN_EAARmfH8

Sound Samples:

00:05 – Position 1 – Neck Pickup
00:18 – Position 2 – Both Pickups with Bridge Pickup Phase Shift
00:40 – Position 3 – Both Pickups
00:57 – Position 4 – Both Pickups with Neck Pickup Phase Shift
01:23 – Position 5 – Bridge Pickup

Discover the Revstar series: https://yamaha.com/2/revstar

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