Yamaha | Revstar Series | Guitar Sound Samples – Dry Switch

Every guitar in the new Revstar series has a circuit activated by a push/pull switch on the Tone control for additional versatility. Revstar Element models feature the Dry Switch high-pass filter that was introduced with the original Revstar lineup in 2015.

Designed especially for Revstar, this circuit tightens up low end for brighter tonal options without the loss of power or increased noise of a traditional coil split.

This video contains three passages. Each is played first without the Dry Switch, and then with the Dry Switch filter engaged.

Sound Samples:

00:04 – RSE20 Position 1 – Dry Switch Off
00:36 – RSE20 Position 1 – Dry Switch On
01:12 – RSE20 Position 2 – Dry Switch Off
01:46 – RSE20 Position 2 – Dry Switch On
02:20 – RSE20 Position 3 – Dry Switch Off
02:42 – RSE20 Position 3 – Dry Switch On

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