YouTube Channel Trailer - Spencer Wolfe

This is the trailer for my YouTube channel. I build scale models as a hobby and I am interested in Science Fiction, Cult Film/TV, Monster/Horror, Comic Book/Superheroes and Dinosaurs on occasion. I don't usually do military subjects, but will build a kit if I have one.

I'll build plastic, resin, vinyl and 3D printed model kits. I have an Anycubic Photon S resin printer and I am currently learning how to use it.

I also install lighting in my builds when I want to, and I am currently helping to design and produce control boards and circuits for Hobby Link International. I'm also a proud member and contributor to the HLI online community.

I have mostly posted clips and slideshows, but my bandwidth has improved and I am working on getting a decent microphone and recording setup. Once that is done, I will be making actual videos ...

Here are the links to my socials:




Hobby Link International


Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Sci-Fi Synthwave - Terraform
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