ZMFheadphones - Zach Unboxes and Checks out the Cayin 300b MK II headphone audiophile amplifier

DISCLAIMER: This is not a review - ZMF sells the Cayin amps here:

Get the Grado Adapter and Beyer pads here:

Check out the current ZMF models for sale here, including the Atrium model featured in this video:

This video is informational and should be viewed as such via the bias of ZMF selling Cayin products.

0:00 - 1:06: Intro and unboxing
1:06 - 2:26: Set-up and fire up!
2:26 - 4:32: First Listen
4:32 - 6:11: Impressions, Noise Talk, Planars and more
6:11 - 8:23: 300b talk, what's that sound like? Enough power?
8:23 - 9:30: Longer term thoughts
9:30 - 12:28 Tube talk
12:28 - 14:10: Pairings, Grado's, ZMF's, Susvara
14:10 - END: Outro; Final thoughts
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