ZOOM F8n Pro Audio Recorder Review

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the new Zoom F8n Pro recorder. Zoom’s self-described ‘new flagship field recorder’ has 8 inputs and 3 outputs, 10-track recording, dual A/D converters, professional-grade preamps, Automix, and, of course, 32-bit float wide dynamic range recording capability. This new edition of the F8 recorder can also be used as an 8-in/4-out audio interface and can be controlled with the F8 Control App for both iOS and Android. In this video we walk through this feature set and compare it to your other favorite recorders. Let’s take a closer look!

Original ZOOM F8 review — https://youtu.be/FSVsZFVPhxY
ZOOM F8n review — https://youtu.be/khyNYTQpCoU

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- Zoom F8n Pro — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon https://geni.us/fdkN4s
- Zoom F6 — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon https://geni.us/pCFS
- SoundDevices MixPre II series — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon https://geni.us/O8e0
- Earthworks SV33 — B&H, Sweetwater https://geni.us/jfIw
- Shure SM7B — B&H, Sweetwater, Perfect Circuit, Amazon https://geni.us/GYU7dHy
- Bebob Cinema Batteries — B&H https://geni.us/YkDRMm
- D-tap to hirose cable to power with cine batteries — Amazon, B&H
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- Impact Luxbank softbox - B&H https://geni.us/pJEgP
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Index (ROUGH DRAFT- pending sample footage and B-roll)
00:00 Start
00:11 Summary
00:21 Overview and Signal Chain
00:46 link to my F8 and F8n feature review videos
1:06 What’s new in the F8n Pro?
2:17 What is 32-bit float recording?
4:30 Practical applications of 32-bit float recording
5:19 Important disclaimer: 32-bit float is not a cure-all!
6:39 Sample of what 32-bit float recording can do for you
10:44 Auto-mix Feature
11:44 Auto-mix Sample
12:26 Setting Gain on the F8n Pro
13:25 noise floor and self-noise tests: F8n Pro vs. SoundDevices MixPre series
16: 56 Noise Floor when using F8n vs. F8n Pro limiters
17:46 F8n Pro vs F6 vs MixPre II
18:31 Versus ZOOM F6
20:05 Versus F8 or F8n
20:42 The costs of recording in 32-bit float
21:30 For nature and sound effects?
22:28 F8n Pro vs MixPre — Neither is objectively superior
25:57 Which recorder would I choose?
27:00 Summary
27:58 Please buy my courses
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