Zynq-7000 Secure Boot Bypass and Compiler-Created Bugs [Binary Exploitation Podcast]

Just one vulnerability this week, a secure boot bypass, and some research into detecting compiler introduced bugs. Ending the week with a discussion about how to learn fuzzing.

Links and vulnerability summaries for this episode are available at: https://dayzerosec.com/podcast/zynq-7000-secure-boot-bypass-and-compiler-created-bugs.html

[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:00:58] Spot the Vuln - All Inclusive HMAC
[00:03:47] Zynq-7000 Secure Boot Bypass [CVE-2021-44850]
[00:19:32] Cross-Architecture Testing for Compiler-Introduced Security Bugs
[00:35:02] Question: Learning to Fuzz
[01:03:00] tmp.0ut v2

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